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Please answer all questions so we may process your request for a Facedown Recovery System, including a Facedown Recovery Chair, Face Support and Accessories. Our Facedown Recovery System provides facedown support for vitrectomy and macular hole surgery recovery.

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Comfort Solutions Facedown recovery chair provides facedown support following vitrectomy eye surgery, macular hole eye surgery or detached retina eye surgery. If your doctor requires you to have a facedown recovery, our Vitrectomy recovery chair and facedown support is what you need. Rent our facedown recovery chair and facedown support for one week or two. Sleep, eat, read or watch TV comfortably in our facedown recovery chair and facedown recovery face support. Our Vitrectomy Recovery Solutions rental set features premium Oakworks facedown equipment, mirror, pads, video and shipping both ways. Vitrectomy surgery recovery and macular hole surgery recovery is easier with our facedown rental equipment. Comfort Solutions rents facedown recovery equipment nationwide. Contact us for your Facedown Recovery Solutions. Better than a Vitrectomy pillow! Our facedown recovery set provides full facedown support for your facedown eye surgery recovery. Call Comfort Solutions for facedown recovery solutions Toll-Free: (877) 470-3455 for more information. Same day and next day shipping available. 24-hour toll-free support.

RETURN POLICY. All equipment rental services are charged to the Lessee and due at the time of service. Within one day of the rental period conclusion, the lessee must ship all equipment in good condition with all parts enclosed back to Comfort Solutions using the shipping materials and return label provided. A rental period extension is available by calling Comfort Solutions before 5:00 PM EST on or before the rental end date. A restocking fee of $20 per box will be charged to the Lessee if the equipment is returned with missing pieces. Additional charges may be assessed if the equipment is damaged, including make-up stains, tears in vinyl, lost cushions, cigarette burns or smoke odor, broken, cracked or missing frame and/or lost/damaged video.

REFUND POLICY. If Lessee calls to cancel before the equipment ships, we will issue a full refund to the original form of payment. If the equipment has already shipped, the minimum charge is one-week rental. If the Lessee reserves the equipment for two weeks but only needs one week, we will refund the second week if we are notified on or before 5:00 PM EST at the end of the first week and the equipment is promptly returned using the shipping materials and return label provided. If the Lessee is charged for missing pieces and later returns them to us in good condition, we will refund the charges.


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