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Our seated support system provides easy adjustability with many options that help you with your daily routine. Complete ergonomic support allows you to be comfortably upright while eating, watching TV or visiting with family and friends.

With comfortable, ergonomic support for your whole body, you'll prevent neck and back strain or possible injury due to strict positioning requirements. You will also increase your chances of surgical success and restored vision, reducing the likelihood of repeated surgery.

Comfort Solutions will help you to relax in comfort, get more sleep and quickly resume more of your normal daily activities. Rely on Comfort Solutions' state-of-the-art Vitrectomy Recovery System.

Our face support system offers two options that provide plenty of breathing room and personalized adjustability. Both options provide comfort and support and when sleeping you will be immediately aware of accidental non-compliance enabling you to promptly correct it.

In addition to Face Support and Chair Support unit, your rental includes:

Sturdy, secure facedown support for both sleeping and waking hours.

Easy to adjust for perfect fit.

Changeable, memory foam cushions covered in ultra-soft leatherette and sanitized with all natural organic cleaners.

Soft, fitted disposable face rest covers.

Three-section face pad so you can wear your glasses.

Two-way mirror

Instructional DVD

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